Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Plex Banter 2

Jibba Jabba!

I saw two more young players in plexes last night. I am conflicted how to deal with them when I've got a big ol' Vexor and they're just in a Venture or cloaked who-knows-what-pro'lly-a-frigate. I admire that they are getting into faction war earlier in their careers than I did, yet I want to teach them a healthy suspicion for their militia mates. Also, they were about to cap sweet, sweet medium plexes at Tier 2. That's two and a half Navy Comets. Yum. I settled for stealing their Caldari Captain tags that they hadn't picked up yet. 

Somehow I have to let go of this, though, as if I'm going to teach them one way or another to like or hate EVE. I still have some scruples about taking candy from babies. I guess that means I haven't gone insane from the power of the capsuleer yet. 

Dodixie pricewatch 

Since I fly navy frigates a lot, I like to see how they're doing at my favorite trade hub. So speaking of Navy Comets, looks as if everyone heard that they were selling well (because whoop whoop!), and the market is flooded. They were over 20 million ISK when the point release came out and now they have fallen to 15mil. I predict them to go back up to 18mil in a couple months when the disillusionment kicks in and supplies run out. Tier2 for Gallente Militia is going to resist anything higher for the forseeable. Also a faction frigate more or less has to be cheaper than an assault frigate. 

Firetails have regressed to the mean at just under 15 million, between the high of 18 in December and the low of 9 in January. A technical trader would expect the price to saunter vaguely downwards until it hits 9 million again, probably by May. Minmatar Militia is down to 5 systems. That's cause for optimism in the future for speculators. It seems to take about two months for supplies to run out and the price to spike when warzone control is in the doldrums. I don't think it will go wild from there. I'll be stocking up with some lowball orders.

Hookbills look to be the in the middle of a minor upward swing. For the last several months, the highs have been falling and the lows have been rising. It's time for that bird to squirt one way or the other. 

Navy Slicers are slowly declining in price. They have been doing so since late last year at least. I expect them to keep doing so. Stock up, I guess.

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