Monday, April 7, 2014

Dodixie Pricewatch 7 April 2014

Since I fly navy frigates a lot, I like to see how they're doing at my favorite trade hub. Note that I list the lowest sell first, followed by the highest buy. 

Fleet Firetail: 13.6 to 10.8 million ISK. Most volatile this week.
Firetails regressed to the mean at just under 15 million around March 15, between the high of 18 in December and the low of 9 in January. I am thinking we should expect the price to channel between 9 and 15 million for a while. Minmatar Militia isn't doing so hot in warzone control. That's cause for optimism in the future for speculators. It seems to take about two months for supplies to run out and the price to spike when warzone control is in the doldrums, so I think it'll happen by mid-May. I don't think it will go totally wild from there. 

Navy Comet: 15 to 13.5 million ISK. 
The market for Navy Comets is absolutely flooded. They were over 20 million ISK when the point release came out and now they have fallen to 15 or under. I no longer predict them to go back up to 18 in a couple months when the disillusionment kicks in and supplies run out. Tier2 for Gallente Militia is going to resist anything higher as long as it holds and for a couple months afterwards. I will probably not be putting my sell orders back when they expire. I'll just fly these as I am well-skilled for them. 

Hookbill: 16.4 to 14.2 million ISK. 
Hookbills could either be starting a stable channel pattern, or it may just be a prelude to the price squirting up or down. Looking over at the FW fundamentals, Caldari are having some trouble keeping a decent Tier going, so that favors the upside here. 

Navy Slicer: 10.3 to 9 million ISK. 
Navy Slicers continue their slow decline in price. On aggregate, at least in Dodixie, they are losing about a million ISK in price every two months.

The names I use here for the navy frigates are the minimum you need to type when searching in EVE-Central to go directly to each of their pages.

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