Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I just noticed something. I've been playing the Diablo III for a couple weeks, since they patched the game to make it compatible with the Reaper o' Souls expansion. I bought the RoS over the weekend, and if playing the new Crusader class is wrong, I don't want to be right. Shield Bash might be my favorite skill ever. It's like the Monk's Dashing Strike but decidedly more bashy. So it definitely delivers on expectations. 

What I noticed, though, was that I basically log into EVE every couple of days to check my market orders, plex a little, and make sure my skill queue is updated. 

Wow. I'm turning into a bittervet and I've only been playing 18 months. I learn quick!

I don't know of a recorded, official definition of bittervet, but I've gathered from context that it involves EVE turning from a game into a hobby. It's not played for hours at a time for entertainment, but rather as a series of tasks you check on every so often but run by themselves, much like a glue join on a wooden model drying in a vise clamp down in the shop. Eventually you feel like you accomplished something. 

There's also the bit where the bittervet feels like EVE was great when they first started but has been going downhill since. Kind of like Saturday Night Live or MAD magazine or The New Yorker. I do not feel that way in regards to EVE. I am bullish on the development direction it is taking right now, for what that's worth. 

So back to D3. The Crusader actually agrees with the Templar in their little conversational snippets. That's nice for a change. Templar is my favorite companion. I love how he's simply gung-ho about killing demons for the most part. That, and his rare queries regarding the Enchantress, coupled with unsolicited explanation that his interest in her is totally platonic. Lush/Lout/Letch, I mean Scoundrel, just gets old really quick in my book. My Barbarian travels with him, because knowing that he could totally break him in half makes the babble tolerable. My Wizard travels with the Enchantress because sisterhood. Everyone else rolls with the Templar. 


  1. I think that breaks are healthy and normal and there are periods of time where Eve is just a fancy chat client. :)

    1. Ah. That's good to hear from someone who knows.