Monday, April 28, 2014

Dodixie Pricewatch 28 April 2014

Welcome to Dodixie Pricewatch, the continuing story of a freestyle faction warrior's attempts to get his navy frigates as cheap as reasonably possible.

Fleet Firetail: 16 million (nearby Gallente space) to 11.6 million (Villore) ISK. 
Somehow no Dodixie info made it onto Eve-Central just now. The mid-May price increase may already be starting.

Navy Comet: 13.7 to 12 million ISK. 
The market for Navy Comets appears to have stopped its freefall. I'm stocking up when it gets down to 10 million. I am curious to see whether it ever will, as it is considered the best navy frigate by many. 

Hookbill: 17.7 to 17.1 million ISK (Jita). 
Okay, looks like we may have lost some visibility on Dodixie in EVE-central overall. I cannot imagine no standing orders in these. It's probably a lack of pilots in the market that are running the cache scraper application. I'll need to look into whether there is a Mac-compatible version.

Navy Slicer: 14 to 11 million ISK.
Unexpected price rise. Minmatar warzone control rise is the likely culprit, looking at dotlan. Nice.

I list the lowest sell first, followed by the highest buy. The names I use here for the navy frigates are the minimum you need to type when searching in EVE-Central to go directly to each of their pages. 

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