Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How I describe my habit--I mean, hobby

On the surface, some simple facts. My favorite game is EVE Online. I followed it since before it was released in 2003 by a small group of Icelandic sadists. Initial reviews scared me away, and it wasn't until late 2012 that I started a trial account. Basically it's a game of internet spaceships a la Elite or Escape Velocity. Except it's massively multiplayer, full of people playing immortal, cybernetic beings with no reason to be nice to each other. How long can they stay sane? It's a king-of-the-hill deathmatch where the last man standing is the only one to have a shred of dignity or empathy left. 

Pretentious, preachy version follows.

Life is pain, and we have eternal life. We are all immortal, so there can be no harm. Let's play.

We are capsuleers, strange homonculoids of flesh and machine. We were once human, and we fight to preserve what is left of ourselves in the face of gargantuan temptations. The temptation to destroy. The temptation to steal. The temptation to shame and humiliate. The temptation to abuse and torture. 

Death takes away everything you love so that you needn't worry about it anymore. We capsuleers are denied that final insult. It makes us restless and hungry. The memory of all these ultimately painless injuries embitters us and alienates us. We want to know death again. So we keep trying to inflict it on each other, to know what we're missing. To stay human. It is a race, a race to be the last to lose touch entirely.

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