Friday, April 4, 2014

Plex Banter 3

Bumpity Bump!

Fun episode: I entered a medium plex with a militia-mate already in it. Me Vexor, he Incursus. I noticed on overview that the Incursus was sitting right on the medium wreck, and it was still full. Nothing was moving. As I zoomed in to take that sweet 2 million ISK tag, our ships quite naturally bumped into each other. I saw his engines flare up, as if he had just realized what was going on. It could have just been autopilot still set to approach the wreck. I just warped off, chuckling comfortably to myself. 

(Does anyone have a link to Lily Tomlin doing her famous Tarzan yell? That was the closest I could find.)

((Oops. Carol Burnett did the Tarzan yell. And now that I've heard it, I'm not sure why it was so famous.))

Dodixie Pricewatch

This is something that I want to keep doing, and should be its own post. You can expect it to show up early each week, Monday or Tuesday. 

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