Sunday, April 13, 2014

In Killmail Res

My second best kill. *

I totally didn't notice I had killed a 900 million ISK Tristan at first. I thought I must be reading the estimated value in my cargo hold wrong. Then I counted the number of digits a couple times. My friend looked up from her book as I said "[Brother,] WHAT?" at the screen.

It all started while I was a-plexing. The pirate Tristan showed up on overview suddenly. I hope there was a good reason I wasn't D-scanning. Knowing I probably wouldn't align in time to warp, I turned to engage. It was a pretty close fight. We were down to an overheated ancillary armor rep race. Probably an overheated afterburner race, too. GFs were exchanged. I pondered whether I should return to base to repair the ship and deposit my cargo. I warped out and only then did I look at my cargo hold to see how much I would be taking home. 

I heard Stay Frosty is moving their HQ. Maybe our man just decided he'd take out a farmer for fun on the way. I like those guys. They have a very cool attitude. I strive to emulate that. 

Oh, while getting the preceding URL for your reading pleasure, I noticed that Ishomilken is their new HQ. Which was where we were. Funny that!

* First best kill if you don't count the time I hadn't unscrewed my overview yet and accidentally Awoxed an alliance mate with a full set of Snakes. Everyone was very cool about it, considering. 

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