Friday, March 28, 2014

Of Policy and Precedent

The Latest Dev Post has been put up. And that's pretty much the best I dared hope for. These episodes have happened before and will happen again. They have a policy in place not to discuss the details of disciplinary actions. And that is a very good policy. If they did, it would serve only to publish precedent that can be hidden behind by bad-faith rules lawyers in the future. 

It seems a lot of people are not happy about CCP's refusal to define how they will handle similar incidents going forward. I have trouble imagining a legitimate reason for this. Some misguided reasons would be:

-You have been sitting with your popcorn watching the forum drama and you don't want it to stop.

-You want to track exact precedent in order to defend yourself when CCP approaches you over bad behavior of your own, as if that would even work.

-You want to go all student council and campaign for your rights in a closed world where you have already signed them all away. 

I think we've all seen sporting events where the referees somehow lose the plot somewhere along the way and the game descends into bad, bitter feelings. The best way for that to happen is for the referee to be seen making arbitrary calls in order to shape the game, or to make up for a bad call earlier. CCP wisely has this policy in place to prevent just that. 


  1. hmph. haven't commented on jester's trek about this, nor on the forums. I believe it was just a huge troll on the part of the 'victim' and the griefer that would have been revealed if CCP's continued apathy towards enforcing their eula/tos against flagrant cases of griefing (aka "The Code" and this tool) made it attractive to dump on bloggers championing on high horses.

    would have made good press running for CSM as a villain beside Psychotic Monk, eh?

  2. I'm going to need to see proof of purchase on this one. :) Sounds like a pretty intricate plan to me. Who wants to run for CSM? Erotica1? I'm kind of having trouble following you.

  3. He did actually, and withdrew. Didn't you know?

  4. I never did take Erotica1's run seriously, I guess. You kind of bit off more than I could chew with that long sentence, is all.

    OK, so you're saying that Erotica1 put those posts out there hoping Jester would find it and give it lots of attention? I've heard less plausible stories. Whether it's all a troll just alters the level of Erotica1's sickness, doesn't it?