Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Drone Changes, NICE.

As an intermittent, medium-skilled drone user, I dig 'em. CCP Fozzie's post has a theme of smoothing the gradients between the different drone systems. I say yes to a balancing between drones of different empires. It's obviously great to have a continuum where Amarr and Caldari drones actually exist. But that's just a start.

Though they are not moving T1 or T2 anywhere relative to each other, they are adjusting the Faction and Rogue drone-enhanced versions to make more sense somewhere in the middle. The faction drones just might be more commonly seen now, which adds variety. I like variety. I think I will probably still use T2 since I have skilled for them. 

They will be narrowing the difference in speeds and tracking between different sizes of drones just a scoach. Yes, the difference between 50% and 60% is a scoach. I looked it up. Maybe if I double-web a frigate my Valkyrie IIs will actually hit it. That's intriguing. 

On the drone skills tip, the takeaway is train Combat Drone Operations to V, like now. I've started. Don't put it off, you might forget. It feels like you're a rebel at first for passing up a free skill, but soon there is just regret, despair, and a ray of sadness.

You can arguably leave Drone Interfacing at IV now, which is where I've got it. I trained it up only last month. Somehow I had missed that it was a whole 20% damage bonus per level. The new version will be 10%, with the difference rolled into the base stats of all drones. Again, smoothing the gradients out. 

I've just now trained level I for sentries, so I can't really speak to the balance for those. Looks like it's once again overhauling the gradients between empires and tech levels.

My favorite of the stats-admittedly-unknown new modules would have to be the low slot Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancers. Full stop. And another full stop. I see shield-tank Vexors coming back. 

I dream that someday we will have better drone UI. I try to look at it as an opportunity to gain an advantage by learning the UI we have. It helps me go to sleep at night, anyway.

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