Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How the ammo resale is going

You may remember how I loaded up an Iteron V with half a billion ISK worth of faction ammo and brought it to my Low-sec faction war base to sell. So let's just jinx it all and say that it's selling. Slowly. 

I brought Faction Antimatter S and Faction Lead S. The lead is selling very slowly indeed, but I'm getting the price I asked. In the case of the antimatter, it's moving right quickly now, but the competition came in and underbid me after I listed it. I'll do a little better than break even on that, it looks like. 

In other news, I briefly considered joining Stay Frosty and starting an alt to trade in Dodixie and ferry supplies out every now and then. Then I realized they are too much fun to fight, as they blob markedly less than other pirate corps in the Gallente-Caldari war zone. And they would want to move in couple months. Screw that. 

I saw a wacky thing this morning. Trigger99, a Caldari militiaman who likes to camp Villore's FDU station in a Legion picking off noobs who don't have instant undocks set up yet, was camping the Dodixie trade hub in a Thrasher. He dutifully attempted to lock me as I was leaving. Way to branch out, Trigger!

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