Monday, April 21, 2014

Dodixie Pricewatch 21 April 2014

I fly and trade navy frigates a lot. And Dodixie rules.

Fleet Firetail: 13.7 to 11.5 million ISK. 
Firetails are still channeling between 9 and 15 million. It seems to take about two months for supplies to run out and the price to spike when warzone control is in the doldrums, so I think it'll happen by mid-May. To buy would be a speculative play. Patient money would want the price lower first, which I don't expect to happen this time around.

Navy Comet: 13.4 to 11.3 million ISK. 
Gyuh! 2 million down in one week. The market for Navy Comets continues to be absolutely flooded. I'm stocking up when it gets down to 10.
This, by the way, is why I only trade things that I use. That way I'm not totally holding the bag when this kind of freefall happens. I have about 50 comets right now. When I got them through the LP store the price was about 18 million and I had been getting 20. I sold a few but it all turned around so freaking fast, what with the Police frigate spike giving out and the Gallente warzone control tier shooting up.

Hookbill: 20 to 17 million ISK. 
Hookbills are about 2 million ISK more expensive than last week--again. Expect them to remain elevated until the Caldari militia gets another infusion of ex-null funsters like when TEST came to their aid. I'd be kind of curious to research whether faction frigates ever sell for more than analogous Tech 2 frigates.

Navy Slicer: 13 to 9 million ISK.
Daily volatility increased over last week at this time. Looks like they had a minor spike over the trend line I've been drawing. Perhaps it has something to do with how bloody far Amarr space is away from Dodixie. The fundamentals of warzone control don't bode well for the price going higher. That said, the Navy Slicers continue their slow decline in price. I'm not sure the volume is high enough to day-trade this. I wouldn't, because I'm not in Dodixie quite often enough.

I list the lowest sell first, followed by the highest buy. The names I use here for the navy frigates are the minimum you need to type when searching in EVE-Central to go directly to each of their pages. 

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