Monday, March 17, 2014

Fly Naked

I usually don't have any implants when I fly. I tried equipping a reasonably priced, sub-100mil set for a while, but it did not seem to mean more or better wins or reduce the losses. And every now and then I'd still get podded. The squids like to do that, you see. They get LP for it. 

I also have a rule not to spend more than 10% of my savings on one ship. And I usually spend far less, about 1.5% for one of my faction fits. The cost of implants, however, I find hard to rate on this scale. It seems I'll go weeks without getting podded, get confident and implant up, and then get podded within a couple hours. I should keep track and write this stuff down like Richard Feynman used to advise and make sure that's not just my paranoia talking. 

Part of the reason I like frigates so much is that even the pirate faction frigates are within my budget every now and then, so I can enjoy the whole ship class. I also think that perhaps I will learn the difference between them better if implants aren't skewing things. 

Frigates can also slip through most gate camps. Most. One of the region's hard-working, insta-locking gate camps scrammed and blasted my Firetail, plus pod. Twice as I flew at it from different directions. Good effort on their part.

Navy Comets are selling nicely, go figure. They are, however, not quite as expensive as they were about two months ago during the throes of GalMil Tier 1 fail. My practice, since it is the most expensive navy frigate these days, is to sell most of them and buy the other ones I like. That's mostly Firetails, you may have guessed. 

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