Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What B-R looks like to faction warriors

B-R5RB happened about six weeks ago. The Teginator and others have noticed statistical data and plentiful anecdotes that new players have come in for good fights and are largely not disappointed, thanks to good instigators like Brave Newbies and some courageous souls in Faction War even, who have taken it upon themselves to actually bash iHubs to flip enemy systems when they become vulnerable. Quel concepte!

The veterans start chiming in and trying to channel them. And the newbies have been good sports about it. I think this is working as intended, and it's a good thing socially. It elevates militia chat above bad dick jokes. 

Sometimes, though, it seems as if the veterans are still trying to control their Isk/LP ratio, even at the expense of these new eager recruits that want to raise our Tier. They will try to talk said newbies out of bashing certain systems for what look to me like not-strictly-strategic reasons. And I get pugnacious over that, because for once in the last three months in GalMil, we're making progress. 

Faction war is not a war simulation, is it? It's a war profiteering simulation. I guess the profiteer and the soldier have different ideas of progress.

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