Monday, March 10, 2014

Plex Banter

We've all had this happen. You're about to cap a plex and a new guy comes in, sees that you're almost done, and decides he's safe to stay and get some of those sweet, sweet Loyalty Points at your expense.

Last time that happened I locked him up. He didn't leave. Time to huck some missiles and teach him some healthy suspicion for his Militia mates. Then he leaves.

Minerva Zen > and stay out, christ
Red Acted* > sad face
Minerva Zen > it's bad manner to vulch plexes

Same night. It happens again. You'd think we just hit Tier 2 warzone control or something. Same story. Locked him up,

Minerva Zen > 10 seconds

I had to huck missiles before they left. I am thinking in the future I should not further jeopardize my security status just to chase someone off.

This time, though, I ran into the same fellow later. I warped into HIS plex right as it was finishing up. I acted fast and warped off.

Minerva Zen > o7
Ubi Sub Semper* > Minerva Zen  thx
Minerva Zen > it's what is done :)

I'm guessing that's got the better chance of changing someone's mind, presuming he recognized my name.

* Not real names. Maybe they're free for yet more alts!

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