Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tristan on Tristan action

One of my favorite things to do is to plex in marginally busy systems and wait for the gudfites to happen. They're releasing a new model for the Tristan today-ish, so I figured it was time to take the Fat Man out for a last hurrah. 

The Tristan has a lot of options, because its high slots are kind of meh to most people. Two guns with a minor tracking bonus; what to do with the third high? I was on Failheap Challenge looking for good Tristan fits, at least something that might be better than mine. 

Some people actually skip fitting anything in the highs in favor of massive speed and drone boosts. Another classic trick is to fit 3 neutralizers, which can cap a frigate out in something like 20 seconds. Bad news if you get close.

I found one of those. I had just happened to fit my Tristan to orbit 12km with 75mm rails and faction iridium. He was afterburner fit too, but with no nano and armor tank, he couldn't quite catch me. He seemed to realize he was doomed as his ancillary armor repper was going to run out, and he redirected his drones at my drones; I could, after all, conceivably slip up and not reinforce them or not have any replacements at all. In retrospect, he may have had a better chance if he heated the afterburner. I had to in order to stay away and he would have outlasted me until he could get the neuts on. I tend to assume everyone carries a web, but he did not. Or he would have heated it and got me at 12km anyway, come to think of it. I think I'll change to Spike and orbit 20km going forward.

He popped. GFs exchanged. No one seemed to be coming, so I scooped loot, finished the plex and returned to base. 

Shield-tanked rail Tristan, orbiting at sufficient range, kills triple neutralizer Tristan. Alert Anderson Cooper. 

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