Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dodixie Pricewatch 11 May 2014

My methodology is changing this week. I am logging in to the client to get the numbers now. I haven't created a market alt to do it yet. That probably would notch me up a few points on the Bittervet test.

Fleet Firetail: 11.5 million to 9.5 million ISK. 
Pretty clearly the blip recorded last time was not just the lack of Dodixie data. A spike shows in the price history at about that time. 

Navy Comet: 15.1 to 13.0 million ISK. 
Hey man, as soon as it hits 10 million, I'm in there again! Am I sounding pitiful yet? 

Hookbill: 18.2 to 16.5 million ISK. 
Warzone control has swung back in Caldari favor, or at least no longer in Gallente favor. I would have guessed because of the gatecamp that leads me to being in Dodixie in the first place. 

Navy Slicer: 14.2 to 11 million ISK.
Still elevated from its long stay at under 10 million.

I list the lowest sell first, followed by the highest buy. The names I use here for the navy frigates are the minimum you need to type when searching in EVE-Central to go directly to each of their pages. 

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